Jan 7, 2008

123-Reg Blog's Exclusive Interview Of Chris Anderson

When the editor in chief of one of the most innovative techie magazine sits down for a little one on one discussion it's always good to listen firstly because you'll learn a few things secondly if you have a website or a blog it can always help with becoming bigger and getting more traffic to our site. So I was definitely intrigued when reading a little one on one discussion that 123-reg blog had with Chris Anderson the Editor-in-Chief of Wired. I had no clue what the Long Tail Theory he created was all about, but upon learning what it was I read on to realize that the theory is based on our economy shifting from focusing on a relatively small number of mainstream products towards a huge number of niches in the ‘tail’. Interesting stuff, he goes on to talk about the idea of "free" and how Google is leading the way in this area. He talks about the misunderstandings of the "Long Tail Theory". He also touches upon the evolution of social networking sites like Facebook and there importance. Check it out a good read.
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