Jan 30, 2008

Aaron Baddeley's Stack And Tilt Swing

Aaron Baddeley is the defending champion this week at the FBR Open, he should do well as he's been playing well as of late with a T12, T13 and a MC. His stack and tilt swing seems to be working along with Mike Weir who also uses this type of swing. Check out this video of his swing from the 2008 Buick Invitational.


Unknown said...

I took up the Stack and Tilt a few months ago, and am hitting the ball better than ever. Now if someone would just come up with a stack & tilt for putting I'd be all set :-)

In yesterday's round I had 35 non-putts and unfortunately 37 putts. The best I've ever played tee-to-green, but the combination of some wicked pin placements and a crappy stroke did me in.

leena said...

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