Jan 5, 2008

Baby Sling For Momma

My wife is due to give birth this month to our third child. We're all exited including my two girls. I was thinking the other day about carrying around my girls when they were small in a baby sling we bought it when we lived in B.C. it was called the Baby Bjorn. There's a lot of different baby slings out there and I'm thinking of getting my wife one that is good for breast feeding and of course comfortable, one maybe similar to the Slingling. Slinglings are versatile and can be used in many positions. It looks like a very comfortable sling and it's hand made in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. I think I'll have to check it out.

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La Familia Higgy said...

Hey Sean,

I think your wife will love using a baby sling. My wife and I have used them with all three of our children. I love to hold my new one close and look down at him in the sling. We like them so much that we decided to share baby slings with the world. Check out HugaMonkey and if you have any questions let me know.


Neneng Hayes said...

Hello Sean,

First of all I think you are the kind of a man I need to look for next time I get married! LOL... My husband would never wear our baby and I find it really hard to function without him helping me. Our son won't go to sleep unless he is inside the baby sling. Good luck to the whole fam.