Jan 30, 2008

Ian Poulter Has Some Big Kahunas

By Sean Crogie   Posted at  1/30/2008 04:31:00 AM   No comments

I guess we'll have to wait and see when the March issue of Golf World comes out but Ian Poulter the very much extrovert will be literally baring all in the issue including some very brash comments on himself and Tiger. He's quoted as saying the following:

"The trouble is I just don't rate anyone else. Now, don't get me wrong. I really respect everyone who is a professional golfer, but, the problem is, I know I haven't played to my full potential yet. And, when that happens, it will just be me and Tiger."

Oh Ian what are you thinking not only that but he's naked in the article except for a well placed golf ball. He's playing this week in Dubai against Tiger so I wonder if he even makes the cut. Poulter, definitely a character.

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