Jan 12, 2008

A Pool Table To Accent Your Home

Well I've been given the green light my little entertainment room downstairs has been giving the ok to look into getting pool table. When I was recently at a clients house he has his basement set up beautifully with a real classic look combined with some amazing LCD TV monitor screens, my wife liked it so much she game me the thumbs up to start planning it. I've looked at a few pool tables but for me the big thing will be all the pool table accessories. The pool table felt, pool cue chalk, pool table brushes, and and all those accessories are just as important as the actual pol table. The Internet has been a great tool as there are so many retailers that deal in tables and pool table accessories. A pool table cover to protect your investment is a huge thing and lighting too. You don't want lighting that's not to par. Your billiard room will take on a whole new look that guests will talk about with the right lighting.

So what I've learn with my first bit of investigation into a pool table is
although the Pool Table is the integral piece of the Billiards puzzle, there are various pool table accessories that will not only make the games more enjoyable but accent the decor of your homes pool room. Some accessories are not just fluff but help in the maintenance and upkeep to keep your pool balls running true and straight. Below are some the most common pool table accessories.

  • Pool Balls
  • Pool Table / Billiard Pockets
  • Books on Pool/ Pool Tables
  • Pool Cue Cases
  • Pool Cue Chalk
  • Pool Clocks and Novelties
  • Pool Cues Pool Cue Tips
  • Pool Furniture
  • Pool Table Lighting
  • Pool Cue Holders
  • Pool Table Brushes
  • Triangles and 9 Ball - Pool Ball Racks
  • Pool Playing Videos
  • Pool Playing Computer Games
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