Jan 18, 2008

Self Publish My Golfing Memoirs Why Not?

Have you ever just thought once to yourself, "Hey I could write a book about it?" well know you can with the help of AuthorHouse and you don't have to worry about those big publishing companies. AuthorHouse is the leader in self publishing they can help you with every step in the process of publishing right down to the marketing of your book and will get to the people quicker. Try 4 months instead of years. My wife has always had it in her to write a children's book, I've passed on AuthorHouse's website to her. Heck I just did a search for golf on there site and came up with 587 matches. I might even be able to publish a book of a duffer's view of golf in paperback, why not never say never.

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Booklover said...

Self-publishing your book would also be a legacy you can leave with your children and family members.