Jan 17, 2008

Wordze Can Help You Market Your Blog

I always love to stumble upon tools that will make my life as a webmaster of this blog and my other sites easier. When it will help me make more money, I get a real big smile. When I had the chance to test out Wordze keyword research service I jumped at the chance, I usually do some pay per click marketing and I obviously do ongoing keyword marketing as well so I died right in to there services. The first thing I liked about there service is that I could import my keywords from my Google analytics software and check their search count or search for multiple keywords with Wordze keyword inspector. I also liked there keyword density checker it was simple and easy to use especially when checking my competitors. There keyword digger is great also as it gives you insight ino what other webmaster are optimizing for, or just to find more keywords. The tool puts all keywords into a nice Excel spreadsheet, presto. I also watched there 2 videos that can help anyone even a veteran of Internet marketing when dealing with keyword research, check it out for yourself you'll be impressed I know I was.


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