Feb 6, 2008

Even British Open Champs Need To Retool There Swings

Interesting article about Padraig Harrington on how he's retooling his swing even after winning a the Open Championship last year. He's known for tinkering with his mechanics but even though he's only played 3 times in the last ten weeks he's still sharp. Complancency will not ever enter Padraig routine that's for sure.

"You would think winning a major would mellow you," he said. "It's done the opposite to me. It's made me even more obsessive. There's a huge incentive to push on. I don't think I have that attitude of some guys who are trying to prove they deserved to win it. But I certainly have the attitude that I really want to win another.

"It would have been nice to chill out and take some of the glory of it all and be confident. But that's not the way my system works."

He's in the field for this week's AT&T Pebble Beach Championship.

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