Feb 13, 2008

Go Away Snow Hello Cancun

Ok we have had enough, it's snowing again and has been for the last few hours and is suppose to for the rest of the day. I won't be golfing til June if this holds up. I can only imagine the nice sunny weather my mother-in-law has gone back too (the sunny and warm Virgin Islands). People are coming back from trips south and are tanned and all hoping for warming weather well have you looked outside. You might want to book a little longer vacation to a sunny destination. I here Cancun, Costa Rica, Cuba and of course the Virgin Islands are nice. You might want to try one of those travel places that specializes in all-in-one packages like Book Cancun they seem to have the best prices and packages for Cancun Mexico. You can book your flight, any tours you might be interested in and any activities. Golf would be so cool right now, golf simulators in the winter go only so far. Maybe if we all think hard enough his snow will go away.

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