Feb 7, 2008

RC Cars Can Be A Great Hobbie For You And Your Son

I've only really been addicted to golf for about the last 7 years, unfortunately it is an addiction as my wife would agree. I'm sure when my girls and my son get older I'll take them out to the range and the golf course. It's great to have a variety of things to be exposed to I'm a firm believer, when I was younger I really though radio controlled cars and trucks were really cool and would be something I might take interest in well now that I have a son it might be time to take a closer look at the world of RC cars. I stumbled upon a great site for those interested in radio controlled cars and trucks the other day. It answered all my newbie questions like what's type of car would be best for me a nitro or an electric RC? It has extensive info on what is involved in RC cars and the upkeep of them. It's the source for RC Cars Tips and Tricks because the guy that runs it is a RC cars champion, his name is Igor Presnukhin and he's a pretty good source of info if your looking to get started in RC cars.

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