Feb 29, 2008

Stracka.com For Social Golfers

http://www.Stracka.com certainly got my attention with it's website slogan of "for people who love golf". Heck why would I have a golf blog if I didn't love the game of golf. So intriguingly I dived into there website which touts itself as a "A Social Network for Golfers". The first thing I was really interested in was the online yardage books which get this are free. They are only yet for about 17 U.S based courses mainly in Texas and California but hopefully they will expand to other places (hint hint Canada!). They use Google Earth's technology to do the yardages, you have to have a look.

They also have green guides that go along with there yardage guides. Tell me this wouldn't help just about any golfer out there that's going to a new course and needs a little local knowledge of the greens because we all know that where you can lose alot of strokes especially when you don't know the course. Good job Stracka.com.

Upon further investigation they even have an online handicap system to keep track of your rounds, which I know any golf crazed person does, so if you don't have one maybe try out theirs.
They also have an online forum where you can find golfers in your area to golf with, so if your tired of always being a single check it out and you may find fellow golfers with the same interests.

They also have a great golf course directory for those that golf all over the place, it's definitely very extensive and quite easy to search in different areas and countries. Stracka.com is quite the golf site check it out today for a wealth of information.

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