Feb 8, 2008

Summer Camp For Kids Who Love Snow

When I was growing up I never had a chance to go to a summer camp partly because I either worked during the summer or I was hanging out at my parent's campsite. I know this summer my oldest child will again go to a camp and it might even be an overnighter. There are so many types of camps to choose from, from sports camps and drama camps to academic as well. I know one I would of loved is a camp that's held in Oregon at Mt. Hood. It's a the National Alpine Ski Camp and if your kids is into competition and racing then this might be the camp for you this summer. Can you imagine skiing in the summer. Well it can be done and with the utmost of professionalism as well. There camp has five to one athlete-to-coach ratio and this will ensure effective learning. If your kid is eager to make the Olympics some day this could the camp for you.

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