Mar 28, 2008

Bubba Watson Not Happy With Steve Elkington

Well there was a bit of an incident today during the second round of the Zurich Classic of New Orleans. Bubba Watson wasn't too pleased with Steve Elkington walking through his sight line during a shot. So he how would you put it "ripped him a new one". It seems it was brewing since the previous day and during the heat of the battle Bubba kinda lost it. Apparently as reported on Bubba and Elkington have made up and apologized to each other. Bubba also apologized to everyone else. I'm sure he would of done things differently looking back now, we've all been there though just not on a stage like the PGA Tour.

"I heard some movement, and who knows what it was," Watson said. "I was just over the ball, and just trying to make the cut and trying to play better and not getting the right breaks. I was already mad for the day, and I just took it out on them, and I shouldn't have."
Tournament director Arvin Ginn said the incident was resolved quickly at the scoring area.
"In the heat of the battle these players, they're very high-keyed at this point in time, and nobody can say it any better than Bubba said it a little while ago," Ginn said. "He gave a total apology to the media, total apology to the tournament, to the players, to anyone that might have seen or heard any part of it."
Watson said he felt he and Elkington settled the matter.
"We hugged it out," Watson said. "Everything is good. He's not mad. He's looking at me like a son basically because I'm a lot younger than him. He just took me aside and said, 'Be stronger in what you're doing and make sure you don't do that.'"

If you missed the video here it is:


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Wow - that's amazing - lol. "You can kiss my..." thats funny. I have noticed though how quickly they tend to walk off after the person playing with them has teed off - it looks like they start walking before the other guy has even finished his follow-through

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that's really funny. DO all golfers do that?

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