Mar 28, 2008

Tackling Those Hard And Not So Hard Jobs

Over my almost 40 years of life I have always wanted to be more of a handy person. I'm talking that guy or girl who just seems to be able to fix anything without hesitation gets right in there and fixes things that get broke you know know those things like kids doors, broken light switches, and leaky faucets. Well it looks like a major fix it project is brewing, I live out in the country and we have hard water which has caused a bit of calcium build up on my kitchen faucet so it will have to be replaced. What kind should I get? There are so many kinds like Hansgrohe faucets, Moen faucets, Kohler faucets and more then the hard part is installing it. Oh the anxiety of it all at least I have the Internet for help plus a "handy" neighbour. Now if I could just get a few golf grips installed before the start of the season(I've had the stuff to do it for over a year) I'd be really getting ahead.

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