Mar 19, 2008

Watch Hunting For Dad

By Ottawa Golf Blog   Posted at  3/19/2008 10:26:00 PM   No comments

My watch band exploding today on me and not being able to get it fixed right away got me to thinking about my Dad's birthday that is coming up and what the heck am I going to get him. Well through a little bit of help from divine forces (my wife and sister) and my watch troubles I've come up with a great idea. My Dad needs a new watch and I know just the place online that has some great Seiko Watches on sale. Now my Dad isn't into anything complicated so a model like the Seiko 5 Automatic Black Dial would be something he would like or maybe even the Seiko 5 Sports Automatic Black Dial Strap. These two happen to be on sale right now at Looks like it might make my life a little easier because of there huge selection and low prices.

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