Apr 6, 2008

Which Golf Shoes?

This season I'll be needing some new golf shoes as the ones I've been using for about the past 7 years have finally bit the dust, although they're still in my basement. I bought them when I lived in B.C. at Nevada Bobs a nice pair of Bite golf shoes. They were brown leather and real comfortable and I like them alot partly because they didn't really look like your standard golf shoes. So now my search will begin and here are a few I've got my eyes on:
Bitevibe AC- looks like a cross training running shoes made by Bite
Oakley New Tye - a brown golf shoes similar to the one I owned the last 7 years.
FootJoy Golf Athletics Golf Shoe- FJ #1 Shoe on Tour
I'm also looking into maybe some Pumas the search continues.

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