May 9, 2008

Charley Hoffman Tosses Putter In Water At #13 Players Championship

Charley Hoffman was having a bad round and it got even worse when he missed a 20-inch putt on #13 during the 2nd Round of The Players Championship and decided to toss his putter into the adjacent water. We`ve all been there right during a bad round and wanted to do the same thing Charley did, most of us hold back because dammit putters aren`t cheap. I`m thinking Charley probably wishes he didn`t throw his putter in but a spur of the moment decision and some lady is fishing it out a few minutes later and is was a Scotty Cameron. Fans of Scotty Cameron will not be happy as I`m sure Scotty himself.

"I had thoughts of diving in front of it," caddie Miguel Rivera said. "I did actually think about going in, but the water looked a little funky."
Hoffman declined comment after he shot 11-over 83 in the second round and badly missed the cut at 15 over. He was 7 over when he reached the par-3 13th and needed a few birdies to make it to the weekend.


Don said...

Do you have video of the Lady fishing the putter out of the water? She is my wife.

Ottawa Golf Blog said...

Cool I'll check!