Jun 22, 2008

Hitting The Golf Range To Get Rid Of Hook

OK right now I'm struggling with hooking the ball especially off my driver. Up until about 2 weeks ago my driver was my favorite club. I was hitting it well with more consistency. Now my last 2 rounds the hook has invaded my swing and today I tried going to the range to try to get rid of it here's how it went. I must of hit 100 or so balls with my driver and still I could figure it out. I was tinkering with my grip and also with ball position. Still the majority of my shots were 180-200 yd. hooks. I think some of the people around me where starting to feel my pain and wrath as a few teens badly in need of acne treatments moved away from me quickly when steam started to come out of my bald head. They were of course killing all their clubs including their drivers. Damn kids. Back to the drawing board.

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