Jun 28, 2008

Never Get Lost Going To The Golf Course Again

If your like me and play alot of different courses during the golf season this may also happen to you. I'll look usually on Google Maps for the best route if it's a new course I've never played before and 9 times out of ten I get lost or delayed by taking one wrong turn or another. The playing partners definitely don't like when I arrive late even if it's just a few minutes.

Well it looks like Buy.com might have another sale that might just cure my problems with arriving late for tee times. This week they have a great little Nextar Navigation System on sale for a measly $149.99. It's hard to believe you can get one of these for so cheap all with a 4.3 inch Touch Screen Display and pre-loaded with U.S. and Canadian maps. Can you imagine when I'm on vacation in the States I won't get lost going to the golf course thus I can get more golf in. It even has a built-in Stereo Speaker so I won't have any problems hearing the directions great for us over 40 guys. If you use Google Checkout you'll get an additional $10 off as well so I've got my eye on this one for sure.

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