Jul 7, 2008

Cold Cervezas, Golf And A Nice View

When a friend who was vacationing in Mexico mentioned he had stayed in the area known as Puerto PeƱasco (Rocky Point), Sonora, Mexico I was definitely intrigued by his stories of the beauty of the sand dunes and the majestic beauty of the Sea of Cortez and Sonoran Desert. I had to do a bit more research as to the area for a possible Winter vacation. I found a great place that had some good prices on Rocky Point rentals namely some nice beach front condos that looked amazing especially when we're here in Canada freezing our you know whats off in the Winter. I could definitely see myself drinking a few Cervezas looking out at the view from one of those condos. I could also handle a round at Las Palomas Golf Resort that would top of a vacation to this part of Mexico for sure.

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