Jul 3, 2008

Data Travelers For My Golf Videos

As someone who uses multiple computers during my days as a blogger. I've always found small little flash drives as being one of the most helpful peripheral tools I use during my hours on my computers. They're nice and small can easily fit in my pocket and they can hold lots of data. I post a lot of videos from various golf tournaments here on my blog and some video files can get pretty large in size. Take for instance last week recording some of the Live@ coverage from the Buick Open. Pretty large video files as it was good quality video. Not a problem as I had my trusty Kingston 8GB DataTraveler Flash Drive.

Now with the Fourth of July a day away Buy.com again has a great sale that has me thinking of some great gifts for my American blogger friends. Right now they have a great deal on a two pack of 2GB Kingston DataTraveler 100 Patriotic Edition Flash drives. These things are sweet check out the photo above. What better way to show your patriotism with some blue and red flash drives from Kingston. These are very similar to the ones I own with a nice capless and sleek design so sometimes you forget your carrying one. You just use the easy thumb-action slider to connect to your USB connector on your computer and let the data storage flow. This DataTraveler Patriotic Edition twin pack100 at $16.96 is another great deal from Buy.com.

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Redwing Golf said...

Good advice. I carry a small flash drive and a larger 40MB drive at all times. They have saved me countless hours.
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