Jul 14, 2008

Golf Course Conversations

Are you every out on the golf course and you overhear a conversation and you just wish you hadn't. Take for instance the other day I was signing in at my local course when I noticed a bunch of men hanging out around the outside of the clubhouse. I made my way over and noticed a few guys I had played with before as a single. One guy the previous week had kicked my butt all over the course. Well I go in and sign in and come out and over hear this lad and a few of his buddies discussing health care topics ranging from medicare to medigap and various illnesses and treatments they're receiving. I had to just laugh and walk away as I'm a healthy 40 year old guy and these guys could all kick my butt around the course and all they could talk about was health issues. God forbid that ever happens to me, I could use some of there game though.

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