Aug 31, 2008

Growing Up Before My Eyes

By Sean Crogie   Posted at  8/31/2008 01:13:00 AM   No comments

With my kids going back to school next week I got to thinking about how much school has really changed and how smart kids are these days with so much being bombarded their way. It sure is different since I was in school and I'm only 40. My kids are really growing up fast right before my eyes. I'm amazed at my soon to be 5 year old daughter playing her video games on our laptop and using our printer to print out Barbie pictures to color all without my help. They're little sponges soaking up everything. I guess as parents we just try to give them a balance and be there for them. Maybe I'll get my oldest one out for a quick nine before school this week. God can it really be school time.

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