Aug 7, 2008

Obsessed With Length In Golf

It's hard not to be obsessed with length when it comes to golf. All the young guys coming up through the ranks on the Pro Tours can all hit over 300 yards. All the marketing for all the new drivers is always based around the so and so company's driver absolutely killing the ball adding so many yards to your drives. Well I was recently playing my local course and a friend and I were just out to play a late evening 9 holes. My friends game was a bit rusty and I noticed a twosome behind us so on the next hole a a 352 yd dogleg right hole we let them play through. The two lads looked like they were from an acne treatment ad (ie young). They hit there shots and waved as they passed us on the way to find their balls. Well one guy hit in the rough long about 280 or so and had a awkward second I don't think the other guy even could find his ball which also went long and right. I ended getting up and down with a bogey. I guess sometimes short is ok, right!

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