Aug 18, 2008

Video Editing With My New LCD

Well I finally think I'm going to get into the world of owning a LCD monitor. For many years I've done most of my Blog work on my trusty Toshiba Notebook. But recently I've put together a pretty good PC but I';m just missing a nice monitor. I do alot of video editing so I was looking at a larger screen monitor but one that could still be put on our computer desk. I really was getting sick of using an inferior monitor while editing golf videos. I wanted to see crisp and .com made it real clear shoots both from the fairway and from the greens but sometimes that wasn't all that great with what I was using. made it real easy to pick up a LCD monitor for my video editing. They have a sale on right now where you can pick up a Samsung 21.6" Widescreen LCD Monitor for a mere $234.99. This is basically what I was looking for it's DVI compatible and a nice glossy black finish to go with the new PC I built. Plus it has Fast 2 ms Gray to Gray response for sharp motion graphics great for my golf video editing. Everything I was looking for thanks again

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