Sep 28, 2008

Manitoulin Island Country Club Golf Course Review

Back in August I had the pleasure of playing a beautiful little 9 hole golf course way up on Manitoulin Island. Now being a 9 hr drive with my three kids this wouldn't be a place I'd play or visit that often but we were vacationing with some family so when my cousin's husband suggest we play the Manitoulin Island Country Club's 9 holes of golf I didn't hesitate and boy was I glad for that.

Now most of the time I'm not to keen on just playing a 9 hole course but Manitoulin Island Country Club was a refreshing change. We ended up playing 9 holes two days in a row so that was pretty cool. Manitoulin Island Country Club golf course is situated just a few minutes from Gore Bay and it's on a nice piece of rolling property. All the holes are set up using the natural contours of the land and even some of the shorter holes are very challenging considering the variation in elevation change.

The thing I really like about the course was the fact it was very challenging played from any of the three tee boxes. This has alot to do with the small crowned greens which were very tricky. If you had a downhill putt you had to be careful you didn't carry it to far or you might be off the putting surface. The first day we played it was after a day or two of heavy rains and the course was fairly dry all things considered, the next day things were even better. So it obviously has pretty decent drainage. From the whites the course consists of two par 5s(440yd/420yd), 2 par 3s(125yd./155yd.) and 5 par 4s (from 286yd. to 343 yd.).

So it's not a long course but the greens and hilly terrain make for an interesting experience. At $20 fro 9 holes you really can't go wrong with the price either. They have a nice little clubhouse where you can have your favorite beverage while you see the rest of the golfers come off the 9th hole

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