Sep 12, 2008

Sport Sunglasses A Must For Golfers

How often are you out golfing with friends on a nice sunny day and you come up to a hole your buddy always has trouble with. Tons of bad stuff on the left including water and lots of rough. He proceeds to hit his tee shot and once again it lands in the dreaded rough. After a few swear words your group hit their tee shots and proceed to find your playing partners ball which should be relatively easy to find. After 2 or 3 minutes no one out of the group can find the ball. The way the sun is shining no one can seem to find the ball which looked relatively easy to find from the tee box. One guy mentions he wishes he had his sport sunglasses because they seem to pick up golf balls better in and out of the rough. The other playing partners give his heck and one guy who lost his ball reluctantly hits another. This type of scenario plays out every day across the country.

My experience is the same and for me my sport sunglasses are a must when finding a wayward golf ball. I golf alot with a variety of golfers some I know well other complete strangers. I always wear my sport sunglasses to take the glare off my eyes when trying to find my playing partners golf ball it's a given and it really speeds up the game because you end up spending less time looking for your ball and your playing partner will be less stressed when you find their ball.

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Unknown said...
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Teena said...

Yeah, total the more classy you are the better. Specially with the expensive sport called golf. We should have good looking and expensive sunglasses like Armani Sunglasses for instance.

Jeremy Graham said...

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