Oct 1, 2008

Ottawa Golf Courses - Fall Specials & Closings

Are good friends at OttawaGolf.com have put up their infamous Ottawa Fall Specials & Closings unfortunately our season hear is so short here so once the fall comes courses are offering some pretty sweet deals before the snow flies. A couple of good ones that just happen to be course around where I live are:

  • Manderley On The Green- $25 Mon - Fri & After 12:00 on Weekends Coupon here
  • Metcalfe Golf & Country Club Mon - Fri exp. hol $29 - After 1:30pm $22 After 3pm $18 Weekends $35 - After 1:30pm $25 After 3pm $18

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Unknown said...


Love the blog (as I'm from Toronto, and don't know a lot about the courses around here)

Have you tried the indoor golf simulator? Just wondering your thoughts.