Oct 23, 2008

Pill For My Golf Swing Flaws

Do you ever wish that you could take a pill that would cure your terrible golf swing like the people who take a diet pill and hope to lose weight or a pill to grow hair because they're bald. This golf season was a struggle with my driver swing especially the development of a crazy hook. Now I don't mind a draw but this was your good ole crazy banana hook. It has become real annoying that I've gone through 4 driver this golf season. I've now got a TaylorMade R5 TP driver that I've had out once I just hope I'll get it out a few more times before the season ends so I can end on a positive note.

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sirin said...

Sadly the problem is with the Indian not the arrows. Changing your driver 4 times won't cure a hook. Only identifying the swing dynamics that cause a hook and working on correcting them will do that.