Oct 13, 2008

Rock & Roll Putters - Customized Rock Putters For The Avid Golfer

I had the opportunity last week to play Pakenham Highlands Golf Course for the first time in about 2 years. Although there was a bit of a chilly wind it was quite enjoyable although my game was a bit to be desired. It was also a good day because I talked a good friend into taking the day off(it was his birthday!) and tag along with me.

We ended up being paired with another twosome Bob and Ray who ended up being two great guys with decent golf games to boot. They were quite patient with our twosome sometimes random bad shots.

After a few holes I noticed Bob was putting with a none traditional putter that at first glance looked to me like a wooden putter. It had a really nice sound off the head and Bob was making alot of putts along the way as we played the Lake Course followed by the Canyon Course. I finally had to ask him about his putter and boy am I ever glad I did.

Well it seems Bob's putter isn't actually wood it's made out of a rock a real nice darker color rock and the best part is Bob makes these putters himself. Bring him a rock you want made into a putter and he can customize it to your liking. These "Rock & Roll Putters" are pretty sweet looking and usually only cost between $50-70 dollars. Can you imagine your vacationing in Ireland and find a beautiful rock there. Take it to Bob Smith and he can make a beautiful putter out of it. How's that for a keepsake.

Your daughter picks up an amazing rock on a hike you get it made into a putter for her Grandad. Great gift idea for the golfer in your life. Play it everyday or keep it as a keepsake on display.

Here's a few pictures of the putter Bob was using at Pakenham Highlands Golf Course last week.
If your interested to see what Bob Smith can do for you. Contact him at:
Bob-O-Links -(613)624-5307

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