Nov 28, 2008

Browsing My Sports Action On My Laptop

I watch alot of TV like most people especially over the holidays. I've got my favorite shows that I record on my PVR through my LCD TV but I also watch alot of sports mainly on my Toshiba laptop some people just don't get it but when you run a few sports blogs like I do and you record up to the action from the PGA Tour, European Tour and all that fast passed NHL hockey action I find my laptop is where I like to watch. If I'm doing some video editing or some image editing from my digital camera I can do it all with my powerful laptop. I also like the fact that my laptop is portable if I have to go see a client I just put it into my case and I'm off. So if your sitting around this Thanksgiving season and your thinking of purchasing a new laptop check out Savebuckets . You can compare prices of laptops and more. So why not get those deals that save you money and still have a bit left over for yourself.Now that's what I'm talking.

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