Dec 14, 2008

Golf Obsessed

Have you ever on a family vacation tried sneak your clubs in with the rest of the luggage even after your wife has said there will be no time for "golf". Do you ever sit a work and think to yourself man I can get at least 9 holes in before dark and before i get home. Do you keep track of all the turnoffs on the highways that have golf course on them. Are you a member on so many online golf forums you sometimes double post. Do you have so many golf boxes for clubs in your basement your kids have no room for there toys. Well if any of these things apply to you welcome to the "golf obsessed" side of the world.

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Twistinside said...

I feel your 'pain' LOL! I often find myself replaying my last round in my head over and over and over. Funny thing is I never fluff a shot in my head though! I always over think my game in my head, found a few good tips here to help improve my game