Dec 3, 2008

Portable Putter Perfect Gift For The Golfer On Your List

What's not to love with this time of the year. Christmas is just around the corner and since I can't be golfing in the winter here I check out various golf club deals on the Internet as well as looking for cool golf toys for some of the golfers on my list. Golfers are usually pretty easy to buy for because we like golf gadgets and things that will make are game better but finding that unique golf gift can some times be hard.

One great little gadget from is you guessed it a portable putter. I know if your like me and travel around alot it's sometimes hard to take all your clubs with you all the time whether your gone for a week or a weekend. Tell me it wouldn't be cool to take that new putter you just got for your next business trip, well that's where Porta-Putter comes along . When your taking 30 to 40 puts a round you want your trusty putter right, well Porta-Putter can transform your putter so where you can take it with you in your travel bag or briefcase. Talk about awesome no more 3 putts with that damn rental putter anymore.

Just think of the next time your on a business trip and your golfing with some business associates and they all have rental putters and you have your Porta-Putter.


Bedlam said...

is this another way to spend needed money. I don't know how many putters I have gone through. No More putters, the by the end of december there will be 50 new putters on the market.

Unknown said...

This is the best part of the service. The product is not a replacement for you putter. The service converts your current putter into a portable putter. This way you never have to play golf on the road without your favorite putter.