Dec 14, 2008

Starting A Blog - Get a Good Host

Right now I'm trying to juggle 3 different blogs this one about golf with it's various golf videos from around the globe to my two new hockey blogs one of which centers around the Ottawa Senators. It can be rather hectic with my regular job as well as my family obligations ( 3 kids and a wife that lets me golf lots). That's where being able to spot good resources online comes in handy and networking with other bloggers as well.

I always like it when people ask me about my blogs and the reasons why I do and so forth. Most of the time people don't realize just how easy it can be especially if you have love for a certain subject and you know one online sources that can help you with things like web hosting, HTML, design and marketing.

If your looking for web hosting service check out Web Hosting Geeks they lay it out in a easy way to understand especially if your new to the whole hosting thing. Look through their reviews it makes it easy to make your decision. Whether your looking for a inexpensive host or a certain feature for your website or blog look at Web Hosting Geeks wealth of knowledge. It can get you started in the right direction.

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