Mar 29, 2009

Ottawa Golf Coures Now Open - Ottawa Golf Blog Get Your Ass Out There

Normally here in the Ottawa area we're usually not golfing til early to mid April but sometimes the snow leaves fast and you get what you have this year golf in March. Now it's kind of got me a little off guard as I still haven't been out as of yet and I have no good excuses. Currently this is this list of courses opened right now mostly outside of Ottawa:

Calabogie Highlands- March 20th
Cedar Glen -March 25th
Mapleview -March 25th
Dragonfly- March 26th
Pakenham -March 27th
Sumac Grove -March 27th
Camden Braes -March 28th

So help me get off my lazy winter butt, out of my sleep number bed and out to a bloody golf course. If any one has some words of wisdom please feel free to comment.

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