Apr 24, 2009

New SeeMore FGP Stainless Series Putter - First Impressions/Review

Last week I received a new FGP stainless steel putter from SeeMore Putters to test out and of course I had to get out and give it a go. So these are my first impressions of the putter after one round at my local course.

The specs on the putter are as follows:

Loft- 3.5 degrees
Lie- 70 degrees
Length- 35"
Finish: Black Satin

My Handicap: 19.6
First Round Putting Stats 31 putts: 7 one putts, 2 three putts

Some putter background; My usual putter is a Scotty Cameron Red X3 at 35". I've been playing it a season and a half. The SeeMore FGP stainless steel putter is a center shafted blade putter so I was eager to try it as the only other blade putter I've used was a Never Compromise #1 Milled Series putter and I've never used a center shafted putter either.

After getting to the course early, I was certainly glad to hit a bunch of putts because with this type of putter (RifleScope Technology/ center shafted) I had to play this putter in the middle of my stance. A bit of a change from my normal putting stance. The practice obviously helped at least with the first few holes as I one putted the first 5 holes. :)

When it comes to putters the look and style of a putter is such a personal thing. For me the FGP putter that I received came in black satin finish. I love the look of the black finish on this putter, the black matte finish frames the ball beautifully and as soon as I put it down I liked the way it looked to my eye.

The feel of this putter is great all the weight is behind the ball. The ball really comes off the 100% milled faced beautifully. Like I said for the first few holes the putter was hot as I'd pick my line, aligned the putter and give it a whack and they were going in. Later in the round the putts weren't falling as well because I had some longer putts and was still trying to figure out how to adjust to speed of the greens or lack thereof and the length of my stroke with this new putter. (the greens at my course weren't the best as it's still pretty early in the season)

I look forward to continuing to test out this putter further this weekend as I'm off and the weather looks good. SeeMore Putters definitely has my attention. You have to like a putter that has some great history to it. If you didn't know the original FGP blade putter won the 1999 US Open and 2007 Masters.


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