Apr 18, 2009

Oh How Times Have Changed

My third child is just a little over a year old and it's funny how after two kids already the third one definitely gets a few more bumps and bruises. That and the fact he's a boy it really seems like sometimes the poor kid is going at it alone. Now of course I'm joking because he has two parents and of course his two doting sisters but sometimes it seems like all those safety things you did with the first go out the window for the third. You still use all the safety gates, the safety covers to go over the electrical outlets and bathroom safety products it just seems your a little more relax and not as uptight if your kid falls.

The other day my son and I are outside and he's playing with a stick in the backyard not a big deal except the stick is almost as big as him something I would of never let my daughters play with at the same age. He loves the outside and he's always throwing balls (Watch the golf balls Gus) he's out there swinging some of my old golf clubs. It's not anarchy it's just different when you've got three kids right?

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