Apr 3, 2009

Oh! So Many Golf Courses

Oh there's nothing like Spring and the thought of the next round of golf. This year in the Ottawa area we're getting a little treat with the season opening earlier then normal. Although I haven't visited any local courses yet the trips to the range have been amazing. Nothing like seeing the ball fly off a well hit iron shot. So the planning begins for the first rounds of the year. Except all this work is getting in the way. I've got bunch of reviews to do and so little time.

Lately I've even got a few inquiries about doing some reviews of some golf courses that get this aren't even in the Ottawa area. Now most of the reviews I've done have been strictly in Ontario but the chance to do other reviews in places like Myrtle Beach would be awesome. Now I just need these people to step and get me afree hotel stay and I'm there.

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Lane Smith said...

I've started to provide course reviews for some of the places I've played as well as local Ottawa area courses.

main website/blog is www.lifepast50.ca and the golf component of this is based upon "golfing for value". Check out www.lifepast50.ca/topic-list/golf.