May 31, 2009

$140 US Two Rounds At Disney World's Golf Courses

So now that I'm heading to Disney World the first week in September one of the first things I did was see if the PGA Tour was in Florida at the time I'm there (it isn't) and also look into the courses that are there at Disney World. From what I can tell you can get a pretty good deal for two rounds if your staying at one of the many resorts at Disney World. Bonus for me. The resort we're staying at looks like some of the many Las Vegas hotels you see online, very bright and a bit obnoxious but if I can play 2 of the following courses (Osprey Ridge, Lake Buena Vista, Palm and Magnolia) for $140 US I'll stay pretty much anywhere, now I just have to talk to wife into bringing my clubs. Stay tuned. Check online for the Unofficial Walt Disney World Golf Guide as a good guide and resource.

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