May 12, 2009

Daly Hopes Good Play Continues in Ireland

So much talk lately has been on John Daly's attire and yes Loudmouth Golf Clothing is definitely a conversation piece but Daly's game should be what we're talking about as he makes his way around Europe to sharpen up his game gone dull by years of neglect.

Hell he's even got a new coach:

"I love the way I am hitting the ball. I've never really had a teacher, but Rick [Phil Mickelson's former coach Rick Smith] has been keeping things simple.

"I'm making sure I finish the backswing [still the longest in golf] and the follow through.

I love following him on Twitter and getting the inside scoop of a golfer that pulls no punches.

And he loves Ireland. I'm very happy and Ireland should be a blast.

"I'm part-Irish and it feels like home there. Over the years I've had every drink they've got, but because of my surgery I can only sip whisky now and I'll be staying off the Guinness."

A man that's seen a lot and hasn't always made the right decisions, but haven't we all. Probably what makes Daly still relevant and popular.

All I know is this week I'll be following him along on the Net as he tries his hand at winning the Irish Open. God I hope Daly wears Loudmouth's Shagadelic pants in green because they'll look sweet when he hits the County Louth Golf Course on Thursday. We also hope the putts keep dropping with Daly using the Heavy Putter MID-WEIGHT K4 blade with so much success lately.

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Heather Kerrigan said...

I'll be cheering for him too. He's as much fun to watch on the course as he is to follow on Twitter.

Glad he didn't get rid of the back-swing. I just love it when someone tells me I over swung on a 200+ yard drive.