Jun 5, 2009

Chipping Lessons Learned

Well this past week I received my 2nd lesson in a 3 lesson installment to hopefully improve my short game. The 1.5 hr. lessons this past week focused on chipping where my technique needed a little help. I definitely learned a lot about ball position as well as proper grip and

Keys that I learned and am trying to focus on:

Locking my wrists in their address angles so they don't break down through impact.

Playing the ball back in my stance on most chips, with most of my weight on my left side helps me with a descending blow.

Keep the swing compact back and through. You don't have to bring it back much to get the ball to go a fair distance plus you get better control.
With anything difficult like golf it's great to get tips, moving tips, driving tips, dancing tips whatever. So stay tuned for chipping tips/drills that my instructor has passed on to us. Coming soon pitching the golf ball -lesson three.

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