Jun 4, 2009

Titleist Pro V1 Pro V1x Golf Ball Reviews

Titleist Pro V1 Pro V1x Golf Ball Reviews
The pros play them as well as most good players out there on your local golf course (I know because I find them on occasion) so what about a hacker like me could I benefit from these new 2009 Pro V1s.

Having a quick look at Titleist's website I found that 44 pros use the Pro V1x ball and 16 use the Pro V1 so can a 20 handicap golfer from outside Ottawa get the same benefits a pro can get with a Pro V1/ Pro V1x. These are my findings on playing the new 2009 Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls. Enjoy.

So what has changed?
Titleist 's biggest change to the 2009 ball is the increased durability through a new urethane elastomer. Also according to Titleist here are some more differences than your old Pro V1 :
Pro V1 -Has more distance and more spin for better control and improved scoring perfomrance
Pro V1x - Has longer distance and similar scoring performance.

Three-piece Pro V1

Four-piece Pro V1x

The new versions feature a larger core and a thinner ionomer mantle compared with the 2007 models. The purpose is to increase ball speed. The 392 dimples on the Pro V1 help promote distance. The dual core in the Pro V1x is designed to reduce driver spin for golfers with high swing speeds.

The feel of these balls is very nice on a well struck iron shot you can feel the ball compress nicely and I found both balls track real well even in windier conditions.

As far as getting more distance with these balls to be honest I didn't get any huge leap in distance with these balls although I did find the Pro V1 was a little longer for me off the driver than the Pro V1x probably due to the fact the Pro V1x is geared to faster swing speeds.

Short Game
Chipping and pitching the Pro V1 / Pro V1x was great they definitely have that drop and stop thing going on. Even on a couple of bunker shots I had them stop so nicely I thought I was actually decent out of the sand (Not always the case). Now as far as spinning any of these Pro V1s back I'll leave that to the professionals but on most chips and pitches the action, a little right to left was quite welcomed and pretty consistent.

Although my putting has been a work in process most of the spring the Pro V1/ Pro V1x were great to putt with, a well struck ball always giving good feedback and held the line perfectly.

For a 20 handicap golfer like me playing the Pro V1 was fun added a lot to my short game but getting the full benefits from these balls is better left for a lower handicap player especially the Pro V1x which is geared for the faster swingers. The price of the Pro V1s are in the over $40 category so if you lose a few balls a round I'd go with one of Titleist's less expensive offerings as you won't feel bad losing a few balls and your wallet will still have a few bills for another round.


TourSpecGolf said...

I feel like the new model isnt as good as it was a couple of years ago. It feels like it spin's less to me. Its probobly my swing

gof ball tip said...

The pro v1x has less dimples which creates less spin, so you should get more distance but less feel around the greens. For a high handicapper there probably isn't really any difference.

Titleist Pro V1 Balls said...

Persoanlly I think these balls are not as good as the 2008 model. I get more feel around the greens with the Pro V1. In terms of distance I don't notice much difference. The Pro V1x does seem to fly a little higher though, so they may be suited to higher handicappers who need that extra lift.

GoGreen UsedGolfballs said...

I personally think it all depends on the player i use the ProV1 havent even tryed the ProV1x but like Titleist ProV! Balls says i am one of those people who could use that extra lift.

http://www.titleistprov1balls.com/ said...

Titleist Pro V1 Balls is the only golf ball I use for obvious reasons of course...

Portugal said...

This is the best ball you can get. For amateurs, this ball gives the best combination of distance, spin, and feel around and on the greens. Goes long and is durable! The Pro V1 will go farther because it will compress more for slower swing speeds, but because it is softer, and has more spin, it will also make those mis-hits of yours do a banana out of bounds. Stick with the V1x. Almost as far, less spin on drives, great feel and spin around and on the greens.