Jun 19, 2009

US Open - USGA Ticket Policy Should Be Rethought

Thursday's round at the 2009 U.S. Open lasted all but 3 1/2 hours when the rain made the course unbearable to play. The 3 1/2 hrs was long enough according to the USGA to enact its no-refund policy. For fans shelling out between $100-$150 for tickets I say that stinks and obviously from a lot that is being written locally from the course many fans are incensed with obvious good reason. No golfer completed more than 11 holes, hell people only got to see Tiger for 6 holes.

A golf fan on a popular golf forum suggested they do what MLB does when round 1 is over, everyone must go through a checkpoint, and if you have round one-only tickets, your day is done. Seems like a reasonable solution could it actually be done probably not considering patrons are strewn all over the course but at least the USGA has to look at something like this because there will be many bitter fans. IN these tough economic times you don't want to alienate hardworking fans.

I guess I'll just watch coverage from my laptop on one of my many comfy patio furniture sets because at least if there's no coverage tomorrow I won't be out a lot of $$$$ and won't be bitter at the USGA's thoughtless policy.

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