Aug 24, 2009

FedEx Cup Golf Contest -Pick The Winners -Win Puma Golf And Triple Bogey Apparel

Will try to resurrect this contest come the final week of the FedEx Cup -The Tour Championship. Didn't get near the interest I was hoping (had almost 30 people for the Masters so was hoping this would be the minimum) so this contest is delayed til then. Stay tuned.

With the FedEx Cup starting this week I figured it was a great time to start another Contest (it's been awhile since the Masters Contest) and see how some of you can do over the course of 4 weeks. Pick the winner each week and the money they win you add to your total for the four weeks. The person with the most $$$$ after 4 weeks of the FedEx Cup wins the grand prize. The big hitch is you can only pick a player once so you really have to know how the players play the golf courses they'll be trying to conquer over the next four weeks. Who's hot, who's not, when do you pick Tiger or Phil? All good questions give it a try.

Another rule is if you choose a Puma Sponsored golfer you get double their money for the week.

The prizes up for grabs are donated by Puma Golf and Triple Bogey Apparel.

First Prize from Puma Golf
polos, sweater, cap and belt. Size will be med or large
Pictures will be available once I receive them from Puma.

Second Prize from Triple Bogey Apparel
Caddies to Cadillacs-Black polos as well as a
Classic Hat from Triple Bogey.

So pick your player for this weeks Barclays tournament and either reply to this post or send me your pick to

Lets see how you can do so join now.

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