Aug 31, 2009

Golf Blogger Willing To Work For $$$$

I always get a kick out of some of the headlines that pop up ever day at Most are set to entice you into obviously clicking on the various links scattered about their front page. i especially like them when they deal with golf.

Last week Ryan Moore won the Wyndham Championship for his first PGA Tour victory. The interesting thing about his win is that Ryan this year went golfing out their on the PGA Tour without one single sponsor. That's no club deal, no bag deal, no shoe deal, hell no glove deal. Hard to imagine in this day and age. Anyways the headlight at after his win read:

Ryan Moore, the golfer who left $300,000 on the table

For most that know anything about golf really not a big deal these guys still make lots of money on tour look at the 125th player on tour last year he made $852,752 just playing golf. These guys are routing through scrap heaps looking for copper piping or copper sinks to sell for extra cash, it's not like they work extra jobs. They're golf pros who make a damn good living. Some like Moore choose to play the clubs they want to play and don't have to worry about all the headaches that go with having to please their sponsors. Yes Moore is a bit of an enigma but who really cares he won. Now never in a million years would you see:

xxxx xxxxxx, Golf Blogger who left $300,000 on the table

I'm not a millionaire golfer, hell I'll do anything for a buck and I'm damn proud of it. I've got three kids to feed right.

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