Aug 16, 2009

Padraig Harrington Amazing 301 yd. Bunker Shot PGA Championship

I just had to post this YouTube video of Paddy Harrington hitting an amazing 301 yd. bunker shot from round 2 of the PGA Championship. It was fun editing the video with all the commentary from Feherty and the other commentators. Much better than having to study for medical coding training courses or any kind of courses for that matter.

I have a hard enough time getting out of green side bunkers Padraig pulls off a shot that even Tiger Woods seemed impressed from the look of there conversation up the 15th fairway. This could be one guy that might put some pressure on Tiger tomorrow. Would of been even better if they had been in the final group.

Padraig Harrington Spectacular Shot 2009 PGA Championship


Michael Green said...

Awesome buddy. Just awesome. Well done and thanks for the editing and post.

My Caddy said...

"There's something you don't see everyday." Had to make me laugh because that's exactly what's recorded (the voice and all) in the Tiger Woods Xbox game :)

Go Paddy!

chi flat iron said...

I don't follow golf too much but I've never heard of this guy before this weekend. Seems like he played some great golf while Tiger was just average.
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