Aug 11, 2009

Sumi-G Dormy Belt Review

Sumi-G Dormy Belt Review

For most golfers these days more thought is being put into what they wear on and off the golf course. Gone are the days when you only see golfers wearing khaki shorts/pants and plain polos golf shirts. Men and women golfers are actually starting to understand that golf can be both fun, functional, comfortable and you can look good as well. One company that gets it is Sumi-G.

Sumi-G first introduced their rather large product line this past Spring to the World at the Orlando PGA Merchandise show. They were nice enough to send me some head covers and one of their belts. So here's a little review of their black Dormy Belt.

The Dormy Belt is part of the Sumi-G Tee Collection which also includes their head covers, hats, bag towel with brushes.

The first thing you notice about the belt is how soft the leather is, Sumi-G uses only Italian leather on their belts. Very nice who wants to put on a stiff belt, this belt screams quality. The lining on the black and white belts is a red Colorfast suede liner another really nice touch. Most golf belts that are out there these days are of the wider variety and that goes for the Sumi-G belt (1 5/8" wide) so just make sure any shorts or pants can except this style of belt.

The buckle on the black Dormy belt is silver chrome. The buckle is double pronged which makes securing your belt easily. The coolest thing about the Sumi-G Dormy belt is the magnetic ball marker with the Sumi-G logo built right into the buckle.

While testing out the belt I never once lost the ball marker but Sumi-G throws in an extra 2 markers just in case you lose one. This of course was an added bonus to this belt as a golfer having a ball marker right in hands way, no need to search in your pocket for a marker because it's right there on your belt. Very functional and it looks great too.

This belt with its high end design and leather and the functional ball marker would definitely make a great gift for the golfer in your life. The only negative I did find with this belt was it was prone to scratching. I pretty much wore it for a two weeks straight on and off the golf course and some light scratching did occur around the outside of the buckle. So you might decide that this this might be the belt you only wear on the course.

It comes in white and brown as well and retails for $85.00 USD. You can purchase it online at Sumi-G's online store. You can also view the other items Sumi-G has available in there Green Collection (divot tools, money clips, scorecard wallets) and Trunk Collection (holdall, shoe, and shag bags) in their catalog.

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