Aug 16, 2009

Sumi-G Head Cover Review

Sumi-G Head Cover Review

I know if you are like me you buy a few golf clubs here and there on eBay or your local Golf Forum. Many if not all I buy either don't have a head cover included or the head cover isn't really that great. Take a look on eBay for instance search head cover under golf and you get back over 1900 listings. Now some of these are people who collect head covers for a living see what happens when Scotty Cameron releases a new head cover, the SC fanatics go crazy. Many though are looking for a replacement head cover and a affordable one at that.

Sumi-G sent over some headcovers (Driver, fairway wood, hybrid) to review and I believe after giving them a thorough work out these head covers may just be the ultimate head cover. So your search for a new head cover could be over, read on.

The first thing you notice about these head covers is they look nothing like anything you've seen before. It's part of Sumi-G years in the making design, this is no ordinary head cover. It took a minute or two to figure out how the head of the club goes into the head cover but once this was figured out the club could be protected by the head cover in a few seconds. The other cool thing about the Sumi-G head cover is you can put it on with one hand as well as you can easily pick it up off the fairway or tee box no bending or stretching yourself out. How innovative is that.

• Unique mechanical closure
• Convenient one-handed operation
• Rigid exoskeleton protects both club and shaft
• Easy to pick up from ground with club
• Fits right-handed clubs only
• Fits 460cc drivers (not all square clubs)
• Patent pending

The Sumi-G head cover has a rigid construction and a long neck to protect your club and shaft unlike conventional head covers. Here's how good this rigid exoskeleton is at keeping those valuable clubs safe. I recently got back from a family vacation with my wife and three kids crammed into a packed minivan for camping and vacationing. Of course my clubs had to come along as I had a few games lined up. No damage came to any of my clubs (Driver, 5 wood, 21 degree hybrid) during the many miles we put on while on vacation. Talk about piece of mind.

Just to give you an idea how much I like these head covers that since I got these Sumi-G head covers my original head covers haven't been used. I like the way they protect my clubs plus these head covers look cool with the Sumi-G logo and exoskeleton design Sumi-G definitely has a hit with these head covers.

The only down side to these head covers is the driver model will fit most 460CC drivers as it did with my Nickent Evolver but some square headed driver might not fit so be warned. Another thing is at present these head covers are only made for right-handed golfers. I'm sure they're working on some lefty versions so don't feel left out.

The Sumi-G head covers are part of their Tee Collection. The Driver headcover retails for $38 , fairway wood for $32 and the hybrid model for $28 and can be purchased directly through Sumi-G. I have no problem with the price as these are high end functional head covers that do what they say. Enough said.


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