Sep 17, 2009

Month Layoff=Bad Golf

My latest flurry on the golf course was a bit to be desired but I guess from almost a month of golf inactivity my expectations shouldn't be to high right? Well the last few times out I thought I'd figured out my driver of course my round this past Sunday at the Marshes I think I hit maybe 2 fairways with my driver. Frustrating to say the least well looking at the positives, I was hitting my Titleist 21 degree hybrid well, although my swing with the hybrid as one of my playing partners has said is turning into a little Jim Furyk like which if I'm hitting it well is good right.

My swing all round just did not feel good everything felt completely foreign. Now I'm coming off a week's vacation at Disney World so I can't blame being tired although it was long busy days with the kids. Go go go. I might be able to blame it as well on a kink in my neck that I've had since Disney and I can't seem to get rid of it. It's not like I'm ready for my social security disability but after this last round I'm feeling like I need something to rejuvenate my golf game. I either have to get out again quick onto a golf course and play or I might be forced to hit eBay up for another club to get me out of this funk.

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