Sep 28, 2009

No Golf Yet For The Busy Hacker

Who would of thought another weekend off and I didn't get out to golf. My father-in-law was in town so that usually always means a day of golf. The new course in Kemptville - Equinelle was looking like course of choice but is wasn't to be.

What was I thinking with a yard sale planned for Saturday and some shopping for kids shoes and picking up some snow tires/rims on Sunday left me little time for golf. Now surprisingly we made a few bucks on Saturday considering most people were looking for tools, hunting supplies, motorcycle covers and antiques. So with some kids stuff followed by some golf clubs and golf hats I had kicking around we managed to make a bit of cash. I can only hope to hit the links on my next days off, please Winter weather hold off til then and please let me find a driver that I don't hook on Ebay.

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